Curating Coffee Table Books

March 14, 2022

The perfect coffee table book collection is something to brag about! Not only serving as a beautiful decoration, but also a peek into your personality. Your guests can enjoy a quick read or flip through a photo book whenever they come over. If you have an office with a waiting room, keeping a solid collection of entertaining literature can be vital to the overall vibe.


A huge part of curating anything in your home is your personal taste. Pertaining to literature, this is especially important. Think about what you like in a book, and what you like to read in a waiting room. Are you a magazine person? If so, are we talking NatGeo or Interview? How about photo books? Perhaps researching some photographers online, maybe pinning some of your favorite photos is a good start. As the coffee table is typically not a place to navigate a novel, keeping the books accessible in a brief period of time is important. Overall, these should be topic that you’re interested in, that offer your guests an insight into your world. 



Budget is incredibly important, because some coffee table books can rack up a pretty penny. This depends on what you’re willing to spend, of course, because you can find great books for a lower price. However, expensive coffee table books can be found here or here. This type of selection is great for someone who likes the glossier look in a coffee table book array. Vintage and second hand books are am amazing lane to follow, although they may require slightly more hunting to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can find good books in many places, from flea markets to goodwill to second hand boutiques and used book stores. If you have something specific in mind, this website helps you track down which book you’re looking for near you!



A good coffee table book collection includes a wide, yet cohesive variety of options for your guests to choose from. This step is as important as you make it, and not everyone will love to mix it up! Obviously, do as you will with whatever option you prefer. However, a coffee table offers a unique opportunity to showcase different sides of yourself. Perhaps your favorite bird is a parrot, so you have a colorful book on parents, complemented of course by your vintage NatGeo on the amazon rainforest. These reads are balanced delightfully with a Henri Cartier-Bresson book with a side of a vintage playboy. The world is your oyster when constructing your casual library! 



A great way to spice up every season when you update your aesthetic visions is rotating your books to correlate! Throw in a few old Christmas photo books maybe, or a spooky looking cover to ring in Halloween! If you’re a real coffee table librarian, you can rotate your selection depending on who is coming over.


There’s a million options out there, and depending on your aesthetic as well as interests, refining your taste can seem like quite the challenge. However, there’s steps you can take to ensure success. 

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