How To: The Gallery Wall

July 25, 2022

The gallery wall is a staple in stylish homes everywhere. This aesthetic concept serves not only as a great way to showcase your taste in art, but also a delightful pop of color and texture in your home. It may be overwhelming trying to find where to start and how to go about collecting the art for the wall. It doesn’t have to be! I’m going to break it down into a few accessible steps to get you started on the gallery wall of your dreams!



If you’re creating your gallery wall in a space that already has a designated color scheme, you’ll want to make sure that the colors you’re choosing for your gallery wall complement these colors. If you’re starting fresh, it would be helpful to determine and map out your color scheme beforehand. The colors and how they interact with each other is an important part of any interior design endeavor. You can do it in the good ol fashioned way, by going to your average hardware store and picking colors from their paint swatches. However, if you want to live in the modern era, ColorSnap is a great website for deciphering the colors of your favorite pieces. 



Okay, so we have the color scheme of your place. We know what boundaries there are on that at least, but do you know the style you like? Figuring out the type of art that you like is a different story. A cheap way to go about this is either creating an “art” Pinterest board and sifting through the millions of images on Pinterest, or going to the library and taking pictures of the things you like in Art photo books. If you want to let the Universe guide you, checking out a locally made gallery or second hand stores with art sections is a good idea. SINGULART is a great website for purchasing authentic art from emerging artists! Local art fairs and, if you’re really spendy, online auctions or estate sales are a good place to scout out art as well. 



If you’d like to print out some classic paintings and then frame them yourself, the National Gallery of Art has free downloading images of all of your favorite classic paintings. This is a great way to incorporate history into your gallery, and the downloads are FREE! You’ll still need to print them, and then frame them, but that’s a small price to pay for your own Monet.



There’s plenty of ways to organize all of this art you have collected. If you have physical, second hand paintings, you can arrange them on the floor in front of the wall until the composition feels good. It’s definitely in your best interest, and the wall’s best interest, to figure this out before nailing any holes in the wall. Photoshop or any other photo arranging app can be of help in this arena too, because it’ll allow you to see the arrangement and tweak it to perfection before grabbing the hammer! 



Time to hang them! Almost there my friends! If you’ve made it this far, I’ll take the intuitive leap and guess that you’ve already got a hammer and nails on hand. If not, don’t fret! Here’s a link to an all in one picture hanging kit from Amazon! You’ll also want to make sure you’re measuring the wall and distributing the paintings evenly. Another tip is to use anchors along with nails, because just a nail by itself will have a tough time supporting the paintings in the drywall. 




Congratulations! You now have a chic and beautiful gallery wall to enjoy in your very own home! Seeking inspiration everywhere, this wall can change and evolve, especially as you get more references. Exploring museums and going to art shows is a great way to support the community, while gathering inspiration for your own home. Happy art hunting, and thank you for reading!

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