Luxury Home Composting

July 13, 2022

Moving into the future, luxury is only sustainable if you act as such! Less waste, more chic and fashionable recycling! There’s plenty of ways to live sustainably and look cute while doing so. From sleek electric cars, smart homes that conserve energy, and our topic of discussion today: luxury compost devices, there’s plenty of ways to be chic-o-friendly.

Vitamix Food Cycler

Top of the line technology, chic design and brilliant machinery takes all of your food scraps and blends them down into a nutrient rich substance. Once blended, this amazing machine reduces the waste down to a tenth of its original size! The bucket pops out and allows you to fill up during your meal making, to be saved and dropped in when it’s time to get cycling. It’s only one cubic foot of space, so it can be kept right on the countertop. It also includes a carbon filter lid that keeps the odors tucked away. 



Lomi Kitchen Composter

In just 3 easy steps, Lomi Kitchen Composter will reduce all of your food scraps and waste into nutrient filled dirt that can be used for a variety of purposes. From the garden, indoor plants or a larger green bin compost! This composter reduces food scraps in seconds via heat, abrasion, and oxygen. Then it gives you back rich dirt filled with all the nutrients to grow happy and healthy plants! Similar to how earthworms break down plant tissue, Lomi does this amazing work without any of the odor or mess that traditional compost does.



Uncommon Goods – Living Composter

Living ComposterFor a more natural approach, this non electric composter has 3 ports for planting seeds inside of your compost! The Living Composter is made from recycled material and designed after 2 years of research on the most conducive shape to worm life. Perfect for hosting earthworms and other critters, this composter takes a more holistic approach. You can shovel out the fertilizer for you other plants as well! This natural approach is still odorless, and serves as a biomorphic worm house. This creates a double whammy for nutrient rich soil, because worm poop is packed with enzymes, microbes and helps hold the moisture within the soul. 



Earth Easy Dual Tray Worm Composter

Chic composting outdoors is made easy with the Eartheasy Dual Tray Worm Composter! Coming in colors of sage green and slate gray, the sleek design will fit perfectly on your back patio or balcony! Multilevel and designed to host our wormy friends effectively, the Eartheasy is a great way to use your food scraps and reduce food waste! This composter also comes with a moisture meter, and is incredibly easy to set up! This composter creates the perfect environment for worm life and you’ll get back nutrient rich soil to grow your plants.

Urban Outfitters Ceramic Compost Container

Urban Outfitters Ceramic Compost Container In RustThe least expensive on our list of home composters, as well as the smallest, is the Urban Outfitters Ceramic Compost Container. This machine won’t do the grinding and reducing that the Vitamix will, and it doesn’t house worms like the Living Composter. However, this is a cute and efficient way to gather your food scraps while you’re cooking. Once you have them gathered, you can deposit them in any other composter. Whether it be an outdoor container, a container in another room, or a pile in the yard.

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