Spring Cleaning Hacks: Get Started On Starting Fresh

March 16, 2022

With springtime rolling in, you’re sure to get the declutter bug! It can be overwhelming, and the struggle of where to start is a challenge we all have to face. Of course, it would be easy to bleach and burn the whole joint down, but true spring cleaning requires a little more finesse than that. Here’s our top 10 tips for tackling that spring cleaning and doing it in style! 


Hey! We’re only human, and the chances of living a hectic, modern life while never having any clutter are slim to none! However, once you’ve managed to reduce the amount of clutter and junk in your space, there’s still that pesky bundle of miscellaneous items that just don’t have a home anywhere. This is where a junk drawer, or bin, or island of misfit toys comes in. The trick is finding a place for the bits and bobs that just don’t belong, and then keeping it shielded from the rest of your meticulously organized home. In some ways, the junk drawer is a tiny rebellion that allows you some leeway in your organizational journey.


A good way to motivate yourself to sort through the ever-growing collection of cozy clothes you have may be thinking of who might love them next when you donate! Especially if you’re never really wearing that lovely piece anymore, consider the impact it could have on someone else’s life! There’s lots of charities that accept clothing donations year round, from women’s shelters, LGBTQ+ shelters, Goodwill and more! If it’s hard to get around to the tedious task of sorting through your collection, the feeling of giving back to your community can serve as a fantastic catalyst. Here’s some good charity options in Montana that are accepting donations!


Okay, so now you’ve officially cleaned out your closet and donated your extra clothes to a wonderful Montana charity. Still, you feel unmotivated to finish the rest of your decluttering. Potentially you haven’t been rewarding yourself well enough for the work that you’re putting into achieving maximum spring clean! A good technique is applying a 4:1 ratio of giving away and treating yourself. So, for every 4 items you have decided to part with, treat yourself to a new one that you’ve had your eye on for a while. This will simultaneously help you part ways with your old things, and update your wardrobe and overall life for the coming season! 


Spring cleaning can be totally overwhelming when you’re looking at the forest of tasks to execute! This step reminds you that you have to start somewhere, and if we’re really sticking with this metaphor, chop down one tree first. Yes, I’m telling you to organize your organizing! Separate your space into bite size areas and get down to business! By focusing on small bits at a time, you are less likely to get overwhelmed and paralyzed by the amount of work. Plus, the motivation to finish will only grow as you go, because you feel the accomplishment with each cleaned section. Take a second to soak in your space, map it out and then divide and conquer!


This next tip is sort of an extension of the previous, but can also be used separately for anything! Sometimes, the fastest way to get around procrastination is to apply pressure. What greater pressure than the matter of time? It’s easy to get existential on this subject, but the practical use is setting a timer per section or task that you need to get done. Nothing matches the absolute pride and satisfaction achieved when you complete the task right as the buzzer goes. Or, if you’re an overachiever, catching the timer before it even has a chance to buzz. You can just use the timer on your iphone, but there’s lots of cute options like this one from Kohl’s.


Have you ever looked at a Homes and Gardens magazine and thought, “how does anyone actually live there???” Me too. An essential part of the space you live is its functionality in your day to day life. That’s why when you’re not living in a magazine, you’ll have the most luck building the way you organize around your ideal lifestyle. For instance, making a morning section in your cupboard or pantry that allows ultimate ease and access in getting ready for the day. Or keeping your day to day toiletries separate from the more rarely used products, so your time at the vanity is efficient and quick to clean up. Maybe you keep your most worn shoes by the door, and the rest in a bin tucked away for special occasions. Etc, etc.


Now you’re all organized. There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. Let’s get down to the sanitizing, dusting and mopping. A convenient way to store all of these items is in a bucket or a container, especially if you prefer to mop with a bucket full of cleaning solution to polish the floors. That way, when it comes time to clorox your cares away, you can just grab your cleaning bucket and go, then throw it all back in the bucket and store it when you’re done.


A seldom spoken about, but still very important space that we all spend our day to day in is our phones and other devices. The build up of clutter on these is easy, especially if you work from your personal devices. While you’re taking a break from decluttering your physical space, going through your camera roll, documents, downloads and bookmarks is a great way to revitalize your workspace. Investing in external harddrives and icloud spaces help alleviate the pressure to delete everything. Storing tax information and other vital info on external harddrives or in a secure cloud can be more secure than leaving them open to be accidentally deleted or hijacked on your device.


You know those dolls where within each doll is another, smaller doll, and so on and so forth? Think of your drawers and storage spaces like this, and organization will come with ease. There’s lots of ways to execute this tactic, whether it’s saving old boxes or buying organizers from The Container Store. Otherwise, it can feel like complete chaos! With this helpful tip, you can find a home for everything and everything can have a home.


This final tip is great for extra storage if you have the space for it! In a garage, on an open wall in the home, and even on the ceiling. There’s creative ways to store your stuff from every angle of your home! You might need a little more help from a contractor or a handy person on this one, because installing ceiling and wall storage can be tricky. Amazon has some great “easy install” options, and for a higher end option, Wayfair has got you covered.


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