Where to Dance in Montana

August 3, 2022

Montana is a beautiful natural oasis, but if that’s not quite your shtick, you may find yourself bored with the outdoors. Fear not! Montana also has quite a few dance clubs across the state that will satisfy your groovy needs.


The Zebra – Bozeman, MT

For a different array of DJs, genres, and nights to dance, the Zebra club in Bozeman has got you covered. They have a great schedule including Ladies Night, and more. Check out their website for more info!


Union Club Bar – Missoula, MT

For a drink and a wide selection of events and special nights, Union Club is where it’s at. They’ve got karaoke, DJ nights, comedy shows and more! Check out their website for up to date events! 


The Badlander – Missoula, MT

For pride parties, DJ nights, and more, the Badlander is another Missoula gem that is a great place to break it down. For a variety of genres and vibes, the Badlander is perfect. Check out their Facebook for updates on their schedule. 


The Loft Dance Club – Billings, MT

For comedy, dancing, live music and more, The Loft Dance Club has got you covered. They’re located in Billings, MT. Check out their Facebook for an updated post of events!


Casey’s – Whitefish, Montana

For many different forms of entertainment, across multiple different stories, Casey’s in Whitefish has you covered! Each floor has a different atmosphere, and so you’ll have lots of vibes to choose from! Check out their website for more info on what events are coming up!

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